Learn how to draw portraits

Develop a likeness through observational drawing of your own model. The tutor will guide you through each stage of drawing from establishing scale, building up the features and then creating tone and form.
Please Note: When learning to draw portraits, best practice is to use a real person as your model, rather than working from a photograph. You can either ask a friend or someone from your family to sit for you, or alternatively you can draw a self-portrait using a mirror.

Ability: Suitable for all
The minimum time required to watch and respond to the video content and complete the tasks is 6 hours. The tutor also recommends how you can develop your work further so that you can continue to use the skills acquired on this course for future projects. Six months of online access to all of the course content.
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Great tutor who had thought through a good set of progressive exercises, with a wide range of examples which encouraged me to broaden my thinking about portraits, identity and other themes.
Claire, October 2022


George Popesco

Since completing his academic training at the Royal Academy Schools London, George has taught extensively in varied Art & Design education structures alongside developing his own work and exhibiting both in group and solo exhibitions. George lives and works in Dorset, specialising in Oil Colour medium exploiting its tactile wet in wet qualities to form the mediums expressive and sculptural qualities.

Course content

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