Sketchbooks: Developing your visual research

A practical guide to the art of visual research using sketchbooks. Learn different drawing processes and materials to investigate a subject and gain confidence in experimental drawing. Throughout the course you will use reflection and analysis to conceptualise your process and produce an in-depth body of work.

Ability: Suitable for all

The minimum time required to watch and respond to the video content and complete the tasks is 9 hours. The tutor also recommends how you can develop your work further so that you can continue to use the skills acquired on this course for future projects. Six months of online access to all of the course content
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The explanation of the subject was very clear… Even though it was on online course, it felt as it was a one-to-one learning experience in the class room. Absolutely loved it and have learned a great deal.


Rachel Larkins and Tiffany Robinson

Rachel Larkins is a tutor on the FDAD programme and has been teaching short courses at West Dean since 2017. She has also taught on the foundation course at an internationally recognised arts university for over fifteen years, alongside her freelance practice. Rachel holds a distinction level masters in sequential design / illustration from Brighton University following an early training in textile art (BA Hons). Rachel's work encompasses drawing and narrative sculptures and is held in numerous private collections. It has featured at The Design Museum and Automates Galeries, Brussels. Media coverage includes Crafts, Elle and Weekend Telegraph.

Tiffany Robinson, MA, is the programme coordinator and tutor for the Foundation Art and Design programmes at West Dean College. Tiffany makes enquiries in and with nature to better understand ‘other’ realities beyond the constructed views of the world and Self. Her interests in psychology, mythology, and nature inform her work and process. Through observation and interpretation, questions are ‘walked with’ and responses gathered in drawing, writing, audio, film and photography. Unconscious or intangible ideas and forms appear and the work often has a dreamlike quality, presenting glimpses of the ancestral, cultural, and personal, in new forms. Tiffany uses natural materials such as egg tempera, charcoal, chalk gesso, the artworks can be identified with location and experience of place, often as metaphor and myth. There is a re-enchantment in the relationship with nature and materials. 

Course content

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