Tapestry weaving - learn the basics

An in-depth guide to get you started with tapestry weaving. You will learn how to put a warp on a simple weaving frame, use weft yarn to start weaving, blend colours and create simple shapes in your tapestry.

Ability: Beginners
The minimum time required to watch and respond to the video content and complete the tasks is 12 hours. The tutor also recommends how you can develop your work further so that you can continue to use the skills acquired on this course for future projects. Six months of online access to all of the course content.
I found Philip Sanderson's clear explanations and demonstrations very easy to follow.Being able to watch the teaching sessions several times over was especially helpful. I liked the pace of delivery on the whole, making the most of being able to stop and go back over the various steps as needed also helped.
I chose this course because I had done some enjoyable "wild-weaving" previously, but had realised I was missing some fundamentals when I couldn't achieve the weft-faces I wanted - as a result of this course I am now able to warp-up much more consistently and manage weft tension much more effectively. With these fundamentals firmly in place I am enjoying tapestry weaving all the more and feel very motivated to keep going!
Rosemary, March 2021


Philip Sanderson

Philip Sanderson is Leader of the Professional Tapestry Studio and a Subject Tutor on the MFA in Fine Art. He is also the Tutor for the Tapestry Foundation Diploma and a short course tutor. During his time at West Dean Philip has translated the work of a number of artists into large-scale tapestries including Marta Rogoyska, John Hubbard, Tracy Emin, and Eva Rothschild. 

Course content

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