Textile basketry – exploring twining

Explore the basketry technique of twining through a series of workshops focusing on using softer, textile materials such as paper twine and tapestry wool. Starting with an introduction of the technique and materials, you will learn how the technique can be applied to create three-dimensional forms and used to draw lines, as well as, how to work with pattern and colours. You will be encouraged to practise, explore and extend the technique with inspiration from leaf and plant forms.

Ability: Suitable for all
The minimum time required to watch and respond to the video content and complete the tasks is 9 hours. The tutor also recommends how you can develop your work further so that you can continue to use the skills acquired on this course for future projects. Six months of online access to all of the course content.
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Loved learning a new craft. The tutor's craftmanship in basketry was inspiring.
Alison, November 2022


Mary Crabb

Mary Crabb is an award-winning contemporary basketmaker creating small, detailed and decorative woven forms exploring the connection between basketry and textiles. Having originally worked in willow, she now works with fine flexible materials, both natural and man-made, having discovered textile basketry which took her making in a new direction. She works with fine flexible materials, with the use of a few simple tools, creating work that sits on the edge of basketry and textiles, and drawing skills from both areas: adapting techniques, exploring and experimenting. In essence her work is about communication, education and stories of making. Alongside her making practice, Mary tutors in maths, so thinking mathematically often influences her work. 
Mary is a member of the Basketmakers' Association and Yeoman member of the Worshipful Company of Basketmakers.

Course content

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